Supposedly Sexed.jpg

“Supposedly Sexed”

Matthew Hemminghaus 2018

The title “Supposedly Sexed” came from the fact that this hatchery chicken was supposed to be a hen but turned out to be a rooster. The close up of the rooster’s head is intended to link this piece back to my last series of paintings. Included in the set is a gear from my ATV, sea shells from Scotland, poke berries, a home grown squash, antique jewelry hands, train-set fir trees and a weathered fishing lure.

All frames are hand built using reclaimed antique wood and non reflective Ultra View glass.  The mats are acid free 100% cotton rag and the images are printed using archival ink on Museo Silver Rag paper. 

*Shipping prices are for within the United States.  To have a print shipped to another country, send me a message through the "contact" page.