Matthew Hemminghaus  2018

This silver sebright bantam rooster was purchased in the spring of 2017,  and was used in the Capitol set right around his first birthday.  The components of the set include moss from North Carolina, dogwood twigs, maple flowers, mouse chewed hickory nuts, salvaged barn wood end cut offs, galvanized coal bucket, Ferrero Rocher packaging, and my worn out work boot.  The upside down coal bucket with the gold dome is representative of the capitol, surrounded by the peeling paint of the skyscrapers surround it.   The worn out duct taped boot is representative of the blue collar worker that keeps the machine known as society in motion.  The small reddish flowers in the foreground came off of my silver maple tree, which is a reference to super early spring, so that I know what time of year I took the photograph.

All frames are hand built using reclaimed antique wood and non reflective Ultra View glass.  The mats are acid free 100% cotton rag and the images are printed using archival ink on Museo Silver Rag paper. 

*Shipping prices are for within the United States.  To have a print shipped to another country, send me a message through the "contact" page.