Ladders and wind

If you guys remember a few months back, I had that incident with my ladder blowing over while I was on my 14' roof.  I had the foresight to take my phone, you know, just in case.  Well, today I had a similar situation.  Same roof, same ladder, but this time I didn't have my phone.  All I had was my cordless drill, and a pocket full of screws.  I amused myself for a little while yelling and waving my arms, hoping to catch the attention of my neighbors who were probably sleeping in chairs with Judge Judy blaring on the TV.  "Has the mailman been here already?" was the question going through my head.  I decided I would go for the idea that I had the first time it happened, and actually take off a section of the roof and climb into the shed from through the attic.  It turns out that the magnetic bit holder is a 1/4", the same size as the head on the sheet metal screws that hold the tin onto the 2x4 frame.  I decided to remove one of the fiberglass skylights, because of it's flexibility.  I was able to peel it back enough to slip in, and drop down into the attic (my house is built inside of a large metal shed).  I have a storage area above the ceiling of the downstairs bedrooms, so was able to monkey my way off of the truss and drop down into the storage area.  There is a door into the attic crawl space that locks from the outside, but fortunately for my latch making skills, a little jiggle and it opened up.  Of course I had moved the ladder that is usually below the door, so I had to lower myself down on top of the refrigerator, and then shimmy my way down the unused portable basketball hoop that is taking up space and collecting dust in the corner.  Aah.  Back on the ground.  I went straight to my wire stash, and rounded up a small piece to wire a rung to a screw on the roof.  Straight back up I go, with a pocket full of sheet metal screws that need to be put back in a skylight.  I sure am glad I am able to keep life interesting for myself, and that I am good at seeing the humor during situations like these.