The rise of an art fairy

     I am so excited about this new lifestyle I am leading.  I have met some really great people over the last couple of years who have pursuaded me to try this new way of selling art.  Now that I am an official "art fairy" (as I refer to it), I have sold more art in the past five weeks than I have since graduating from college with an art degree in 1998.  It is a lifestyle which lends itself perfectly to living in non-art areas,  leaving on short trips to the "big city" on occasion to get your fill of culture and trying your hand at being your own personal art dealer.  I think of all the people in L.A. and New York, struggling to get a gallery to represent their work, knowing that I know more and can describe my ideas better than any gallery representative could (not to mention the cut that the gallery takes from your sales).  I love all aspects of this lifestyle, from the making of the art, to the framing, to promoting myself through the internet, and setting up my display and talking with potential future owners of my art.  I love hearing response from the people, and the fact that I am able to get my art out into the world as much or as little as I choose. I know that I live in a time and place where art is seen as a luxury item, so sales have not been quite as much as I would like, but I still have good cheese in my refrigerator and a roof over my head.  My heart is 100% in this series, and I am pretty sure that it shows in the work.  I am so glad to have the support of my great friends and family, and know that I am doing the right thing.  I look forward to continue meeting new people down the road.  

This is the life I have chosen and this is the life I love.